Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Special Summer Class

 Working with gravity allows for space to be created in the joints, and for lengthening in the muscles and ligaments. The aerial yoga wraps rest on pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body. Compression free inversions boost the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while giving traction to the spine and hydrating the vertebral disks. An overall increase in flexibility, increase in the circulatory system, and mood boost are among some of the additional benefits to a regular practice. 

All ages & abilities welcome.

Starting June 3rd

Monday & Wednesday - 9am 

Tuesday - 5:30pm

Annie B


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8-week Weight Loss/Body Composition Challenge

Join Kelly for a Boot-camp Challenge!



We will be in this together!  I will be joining 5 other participants in working hard to get healthier.  

  • BodyMetrix Body Composition testing before & after training.
  • Workouts will be a mix of Strength, Cardio & Core.
  • Ongoing
  • No extra charge for Monthly Members 

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