Why Core Crown Point?

Why the Reformer?


Experience the addictive effects of Pilates exercises on the reformer. Be kind to your joints while strengthening your core, posture and muscular tone.  

Why a Group?


There is something to be said about a group and just wait until you meet this fun group of people!

Why Core Crown Point?


Dedicated to creating effective, safe full body pilates workouts. We are the only pilates class in Crown Point to offer group reformer classes. Core Crown Point will not disappoint.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How many classes per week should I take?

To get the best results attending 2-3 classes per week is recommended. Many of our regular clients tell us that two times per week is when they really started to feel and see dramatic changes in their body. Once a week can be a good place to start and/or use Pilates as cross training for other forms of fitness. 

What should I wear?


Wear clothing you feel comfortable in.  We generally do Pilates in  sticky socks or bare feet, your choice.

We try very hard to keep our studio floor and equipment immaculately clean and we do not want outside dirt or contaminants.

I am a beginner, what should I start with?


If you have never done Pilates, it is easiest to start with a private or semi-private classes to get the basics of the Reformer.  

Or, on Tuesdays at pm there is a slower flow class that is great for beginners.

Floor Classes:

Any class is great, our well trained instructors can offer modifications for any fitness level.

I am over-weight or have other health issues, can I do Pilates?

YES, you are who we are here for.  If you are not YET comfortable in a group class, semi-private sessions are available at group pricing to help you get comfortable with group classes.  Private sessions are always an option as well.  

We have a client who is young & after a few sessions was doing awesome.  I tried to convince her she was ready for group classes............  She told me she didnt have any issues being ready, she just didnt want to deal with other people.  We are here to help however we can, sometimes you just have to tell us how to help you!

Meet our Instructors

Ashley C.

Ashley began teaching at a private club in Illinois in 2001. Since, she has taught a variety of clas

Ashley began teaching at a private club in Illinois in 2001. Since, she has taught a variety of classes at the Southlake YMCA and Fuel Fitness. Ashey’s motto and motivation is “It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it."   She knows how to make every minute WORTH IT.


Group Fitness

Step Aerobics



Indoor Cycle 

Beth H.



Pilates- Balanced Body

Bodhi- Balanced Body

Dru D.


Dru is a natural teacher and is amazing with all clients from MS patients to children.  


Pilates- Balanced Body

Bodhi- Balanced Body

Karrie O.


Bodhi- Balanced Body

Kate G.


Kate believes in keeping classes fun and encouraging, while challenging students to do their best.  Kate's classes & sessions are extremely well thought out and prepared for, she definitely knows what you are in for.

 Certificates & Mentors 

Yoga-200 hour (Joanna Sypudt)

Pilates-(Jackie LaMantia)

Pilates- Balanced Body

Bodhi- Balanced Body

Personal Training-AFAA

Group Training-AFAA

TRX Suspension Training

Kelly W.


 Kelly began teaching in 2008 at the SL YMCA.  She has a passion for teaching all ages, shapes & abilities.  Kelly loves pulling from multiple disciplines to offer best of all worlds.

Certifications & Mentors

Pilates- Balanced Body (Ahme Bovee)

Bodhi- Balanced Body

Yoga-  (Mike Zolfo)

Personal Training- NASM

Running Coach- RRCA

Indoor Cycle- YMCA & SCHWINN

Kettlebell- SWC

Sports Nutrition- SWC

Lauren S.


 Coming Soon

Natalie P.


Indoor Cycle- Schwinn

Tish W.


Tish has been active her entire life and did quite a bit of running and cycling, including numerous 5Ks, half marathons, the Disney marathon, and a half Ironman Duathlon. In 2006, after the birth of my 4th child, I signed up for a 6-week Pilates class. My idea was to "try it" for the 6 weeks, and if I didn't like it, I wouldn't go back. I LOVED the first class, and knew I wanted to continue indefinitely. 

 Certifications & Mentors

Pilates- Balanced Body

Bodhi- Balanced Body